Marching Band Festival

Registration Deadline: September 9, 2021
Penalty Deadline: September 15, 2021
Festival Date: October 9, 2021 (North); October 16, 2021 (South)
Registration Fee: $150.00
Admission Fee: Adult – $7.00; Senior (62+) – $5.00; Student – $3.00

Announcement:  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 IHSMA State Marching Band Festival has been moved to an online format.


We will be utilizing Competition Suite as the adjudication platform and for delivering each band their adjudication results and commentary.  We will utilize all 6 judges as we have in the past and they will be organized in the following manner:

  • Music
    • Music General Effect
    • Music Execution
    • Percussion
  • Visual
    • Marching & Maneuvering General Effect
    • Marching & Maneuvering Execution
    • Color Guard

Bands will be grouped by classification and we will group by more than one region if there is enough interest.  For this event all minimum/maximum time restrictions will be removed.  This will allow bands to present whatever they can put together well.

Bands will only need to record their actual performance.  Each bands entry onto the field and exit from the field should not be included unless that entry/exit is part of the performance.  All other rules and regulations will apply.

Participating Directors will be instructed to upload their recordings to the NFHS Network and the NFHS Network will then provide the adjudication panel access to those recordings.  Schools will be allowed to have an audience on site as they are recording (if so desired) but the recording uploaded to the NFHS Network will not be viewable by the public.  (This method follows the allowances made in the Teach Act of U.S. Copyright Law for digital distribution of copyrighted materials for educational purpose).

  • Recordings uploaded will need to follow the format listed below
    • Files in .MP4 format (Full HD setting on Apple iPhone 6/6s/7)
      • H.264 compression
      • Constant bitrate encoding between 1-5 mbps
      • Square pixels
      • Fixed 30fps frame rate
      • Progressive scan
      • Stereo AAC audio compression at 128 kbps

Recordings should be set so that the entire football field, goal line to goal line, can be seen. If schools aren’t able to accommodate the full field view, they should simply do the best they can.

Each adjudication panel will work through evaluating each performance as a team remotely.  Each lead judge will be responsible for coordinating their team’s efforts.


  • IHSMA Registration Deadline – September 16, 2020
  • Bands Directors register/loginin with “CompetitionSuite” and sign up to participate in the “IHSMA State Marching Band Festival” when you receive the email from IHSMA instructing you to do so.
  • Video uploaded to CompetitionSuite by 5 PM on Oct. 16, 2020
  • Adjudicator panels adjudicate event on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Marching Band Announcers Form

Festival Central Login – Online Registration, and Judge Evaluation!

Weather Policy regarding Excessive Heat

In the case of dangerous hot weather, as indicated by a “heat index” reading of 90 degrees or higher (See IHSMA Heat Index Table), all marching bands will be required to perform in partial uniform. Partial uniforms shall consist of single layered, light fabric clothing with no head covering or jacket. This policy shall be required at the IHSMA State Marching Band Festival and recommended for implementation at all other invitational and local marching events.

Adjudicated events may decide to have an entire classification of bands adhere to this policy in the anticipation of heat-related issues for some of the bands within that class.

Band members and Directors should plan accordingly. Though it is not necessary, bands may choose to have an alternate uniform as their “partial uniform” (i.e matching shirts and shorts) as a backup alternate plan should the Weather Policy apply. If shorts are utilized they should be in modest taste.

Adjudicators shall not deduct any points for bands marching out of uniform or in partial uniform due to weather related concerns (heat index, windy conditions, precipitation, etc).”

IHSMA will provide a Digital Temperature/Humidity Pen for each IHSMA State Marching Band Festival Host Site’s use. IHSMA recommends the use of the General Digital Temperature/Humidity Pen – Model PTH8708.

Heat Index Table

Marching Band Festival Results:

Adjudication Forms:

Information on Eligibility to Receive Awards

Festival Awards Order Form

Application for IHSMA Academic Achievement Award

American Legion Flag Code

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