• All-State Percussion instruments for Sale! The Percussion Source, a division of West Music, has generously provided the percussion instruments listed for this year's All-State Festival. That equipment is for sale at discounted prices.
  • All-State Audition Selections (cuts)to be posted at 5 A.M. on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014
    • Vocal Audition Selections (1st round and recalls)
    • Piano Audition Selections (1st round only)
    • String Audition Selections (1st round only)
    • Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion Audition Selections (1st round only)
  • Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion cuts notification: Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion students auditioning for All-State need to have the measures of their etudes numbered so that they can easily identify the first round audition selections when they are posted online, Saturday morning. One CAUTION: many etudes begin with an anacrusis (pick-up). Numbering should begin with the first full measure. See example - here.
  • All-State Wind/Percussion and String Quotas:
  • This is a tutorial on how pitches will be giving by the pitch giver at the first round of All-State Chorus auditions.
  • Correction to All-State Vocal Solo Audition cut: IHSMA Fall Bulletin - Pg. 15, item 19 The heavens are telling audition selection should read m. 23-39.
  • Corrections to Orchestra Excerpts:
    • NEW: Cello Excerpt #6: The tempo should be half note = 80, NOT quarter note = 80.
    • NEW: Viola excerpt #1, ignore the "unison" indication at three measures before letter B. All double-stops in this excerpt should be played divisi (students should learn both the top and the bottom parts).
    • Viola Excerpt #4: At one measure before rehearsal 100, omit the B natural that was added on the second note of beat three on the sixteenth note run. The B natural is incorrect.
    • Violin excerpt #3: Three measures after 99 should be a "D" on the top, not an "E" (to match the bottom octave).
  • All-State Cello and String Bass Excerpts - there has been concern expressed concerning the dark background found on the original Cello and String Bass excerpts - we've just reposted those excerpts fixing that issue and fixing some bowing issues. Please download these revised versions.
  • 2014 Pre All-State Audition Choral Workshops
  • All-State Chorus Literature resources:
    • The Heavens are Telling - pdf with director notes/corrections added in - provided by Duane Philgreen
    • Der Gang zum Liebchen - CPDL version (pdf) with director notes, pronunciation guide, and translation. - provided by Duane Philgreen
  • All-State Etude/Excerpt clarifications:
    • Saxophone: p. 34-35 should read Play ALL of page 34 and the first 4 measures plus 1 note of p. 35.
    • Tuba: #41 (p. 50) should read (p. 50 - first page only)
  • 2014 All-State Festival - General Audition and Concert Information
  • 2014 All-State Chorus Music - ordering information

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